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Year 2830: What is the significance?

Don't relax yet!

Image credit:NASA Images-Spectacular Sombrero

Year 2012 became well known after the blockbuster movie 2012. Do you think the world is going to end in 2012? Floods, earthquakes, and continents sinking into oceans have been seen in movies and said in various articles. But is it all real? Is it really going to happen? Is the world really going to end?

There are several theories floating around to predict the end of the world in 2012. Let us explore one by one:

Remember "Y2k (Year 2000)" theory which is now 10 years old and nothing happened! Now, there is the "Nibiru" theory, "Planet X" theory and "Eris" theory. Nibiru and PlanetX are wayward planets that is destined to hit the earth in 2012. Nibiru and Planet X theory is just an internet hoax. In fact Nibiru was predicted to hit the earth on May 2003 and when that did not happen the date was moved to Dec 2012. On the other hand Eris is a real dwarf planet like Pluto but the closer it can come to earth is around 4 billion miles. So there is never a possibility of Eris impacting the earth.

There is a "Polar Shift" theory which suggests that the earth is going to spin the opposite way due to shift in earth's magnetic polarity. According to NASA such polarity shift does occur every 400000 years but it does not impact living beings on earth. This means Polar shift will not occur in 2012.

There is a "Planetary Alignments" theory where all the planets are expected to get on a same line across the orbits. Such alignments are not expected to happen in 2012 or in the next decade. Moreover such alignment does not have any impact on the earth.

There is a "Solar Storms" theory which expects the earth to be destroyed by a solar storm. Solar storms are regular activity which occurs in the space. The impact of these solar storms are primarily for the man-made satellites which can temporarily interrupt satellite communications. There is nothing special about 2012 Solar activity!

Another theory is the "Maya calender" theory. Mayas (ancient Central American civilizations) are well recognized for their astronomy knowledge as they could predict eclipses and other space phenomenon very well. Since the Mayan calendar ends on December 21 in the year 2012 people think that it will be a Doomsday. But the Maya predictions for 2012 have nothing to do with the end of the world. Just as our calendar ends after December 31 and a new one begins on 1st Jan, Maya’s calendar ends on December 21 and a new one begins after Dec 21. So there is nothing special about 2012.

Also, there are no meteors which are close enough to impact on earth which rules out the "Meteor' theory.

In short the earth which is already 4 billion years old will continue to live beyond 2012. So, Doomsday is not going to happen!

But don't relax yet, the next doomsday prediction on the internet is for 2830 when the earth is expected to implode!